There IS a Child Out There For You... Will You Find Her?

Will You Find Your Baby?An excerpt from AdoptingOnline.com...

"A few years ago I was caring for a baby who was going to be adopted. I had him in my arms and was standing outside my church after services when Grace, a woman I knew, came up to me. She was spry and cheerful at the age of 82 and she looked at the child with shining eyes.

'Babies are so wonderful,' she said. She was quiet for a time. 'I wish I had known you when I was younger. I would have asked you to find a baby for me to adopt.' It turned out she and her husband were unable to have children of their own.

Grace was a loving person who was always around children, so I had assumed she was a mother. But on that Sunday morning, I learned she had lived her whole life without the joy of sharing her love with a son or daughter.

'We didn't know what to do or where to begin,' she said. 'So we never did have a baby.' If only someone long ago had helped her get started on the road to adoption, she would have had her little one.

If, like Grace, you are unable to have a biological child or have always wanted to adopt and with all your heart you want to love, nurture and bring up a child, then you should set out to find yours. Fifty-five years ago there was a child out there who was meant for Grace and today there is a child waiting, or yet to be born, who is meant for you."

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