The Single Most Important Key to a Successful Adoption is Knowledge

Adoption Professional Mardie CaldwellThere is nothing more vital to your adoption than taking the opportunity to learn all you can about the process, the personnel, and the pitfalls in adoption. With knowledge, you will be able to complete your family safely and successfully, while saving time and money.

Mardie Caldwell has spent the last 18 years helping thousands of families complete their adoption dreams. Through her adoption center, Mardie has reached out to educate and empower both adoptive families and birthparents, encouraging them to take control of their adoption plans.

However, she found that even as her own practice grew, she simply did not have the resources to be able to help every family requesting her, The Ultimate Guide to Adoptionassistance. After years of requests from adoption professionals and families alike, Mardie finally created the ultimate guide to adoption,, revealing the many secrets that make her program so successful. will give you a distinct advantage over other families in the adoption process. It offers amazing new ideas in reaching birthmothers as well as keeping your costs down. Simply put, it is the only adoption guide you will ever need.

10 Ways that Will Help You Succeed in Adoption

  1. Teach you details of specific adoption scams and frauds to watch for.
  2. Gives you step-by-step instructions and examples for writing a "Dear Birthparent" letter that works.
  3. Offers new financial resources and solutions to keep your costs as low as possible.
  4. Reveals many new ideas for networking and marketing to find your baby.
  5. Helps identify allowable birthmother expenses, including tips to keep these down.
  6. Educates on the different types of adoption, open vs. closed, international vs. domestic, etc.
  7. Provides checklists and worksheets for things like packing adoptive family hospital bag and budgeting.
  8. Answers your most frequently asked adoption questions.
  9. Includes government resources for adoption.
  10. Supplies you with over 1,200 adoption resources that you will find invaluable as you complete your adoption journey.

Are You Ready to Adopt, Safely and Successfully,
Mother with Adopted Girling Mardie Caldwell's 18 years of experience be your guide?

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